Types of Registration

There are three main types of registration:

  • Provisional registration
  • Full registration
  • Specialist registration

Provisional registration

Provisional registration with a licence to practice allows newly qualified doctors to undertake the general clinical training needed for full registration. A doctor who is provisionally registered is entitled to work only under supervision in institutions that are approved for the purpose by Council.

Full registration

Doctors who have undertaken a satisfactory period of experience under provisional registration may apply for full registration. Other doctors may be eligible to apply directly for full registration. To get full registration, candidate must also have completed an approved internship program.

Specialist registration

Doctors who apply for specialist registration will have completed a period of formal specialist training and have been awarded qualification in specialized medicine by an appropriate competent authority, approved by Council.

The registration/licensing process:

To apply for registration and a licence to practice, doctors need to complete appropriate application forms, pay appropriate fees, and provide evidence of identity, qualifications, and good standing. An identity check may be necessary. Doctors should not assume that their applications will be granted.
If Council grants an application, a certificate will be issued to confirm your registration. A certificate will also be issued to confirm your licence to practice medicine in Antigua & Barbuda.

Knowledge of the English language

All medical graduates who apply for provisional or full registration with a licence to practise must satisfy the Medical Council that they have the necessary and satisfactory knowledge of the English language.

Identity check

A current passport is needed for identity check. An applicant may be asked to present the original versions of supporting evidence, confirming the qualifications, training and good standing for your application. Please note that all requested documents must be presented before Council grants an application.