Requirements for Registration and Licensing

Applications should be mailed to:

Antigua & Barbuda Medical Council
c/o Ministry of Health
Lower High Street
St. John’s

Requirements for registration and licensing are as follows:

Proof of Identity

  • Certified copy of valid passport OR birth certificate
  • Two certified passport pictures

Evidence of Qualifications

  • Certified copy of medical degree(s)
  • Detailed Transcript
  • Certified copy of CAMC / PLAB 1 & 2 / USLME 1 & 2 Certificate (where applicable)
  • Detailed medical qualifications hours/credits (CME’s)
  • As part of application you must satisfy Medical Council that you have the necessary knowledge of English to practice medicine in Antigua and Barbuda

Other Documents:

  • Certificate of Good Standing – Provide details of registration for all the medical regulatory authorities of all countries where practiced or held registration in the last five years.  Certificate must confirm qualified to practice medicine in the appropriate country and were never disqualified, suspended or prohibited from practicing medicine.  The regulatory authority should state that it is not aware of any maters that call into question your good standing.  Certificate should be addressed and mailed direct to the Council.
  • Two Professional Reference Letters – must specify good character and no case pending
  • Police Record – not older than three months
  • Antigua and Barbuda Work permit OR Caricom Skilled Certificate (where applicable)
  • Curriculum Vitae – Details of all work experience for the last five years both medical and non-medical.  If any periods during those last five years were not registered with medical regulatory authority, but working in either medical or non-medical capacity, must provide reference from each employer
  • Official translations of any documents not in English


References are valid for three months only. All reference should confirm the dates of employment and whether they are aware of any matters called into question of the applicant’s good standing.

Where copy of any supporting documents is presented they must be certified as true copy of the original.  In some cases you may be requested to present the original and may be requested to meet personally with the Council.


Registration and Licensing Fees

First Registration                       $1,800.00

Re-licensing                              $1,225.00

Prices are in East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)

 Item Fee
Application for Registration $25.00
Application License $25.00
Registration $500.00
License Fee $1000.00
Prescription Stamp $125.00
Medical Photo Licence $75.00
Copy of Medical Register (per page) $25.00
Inspection of Medical Register $25.00