Who we are

The Medical Council is established by legislation, Medical Practitioner’s Act Feb 2009. Its primary duty is to protect the public by regulating the conditions of medical practice in Antigua & Barbuda. Council shall therefore investigate appropriately alleged professional misconduct by medical practitioners whenever they are reported. Disciplinary proceedings and action follow where appropriate.

The Medical Register, published in March and September every year, helps to guide the public about qualified medical practitioners, who are permitted by law to prescribe drugs and give valid certificates of death and other statutory certificates.

All registered medical practitioners should inform the Registrar of the Medical Council of their most recent address and other contact information. Medical practitioners should also inform the Registrar of any attainment of higher qualifications for the Medical Register.

The Medical Practitioner’s Act, Feb 2009, establishes and confers powers on the Antigua & Barbuda Medical Council. It describes the functions of Council, and the circumstances for censure, suspension, and striking off medical practitioners from the register.

The Act mandates continuing medical education (CME) for practicing medical practitioners.

Composition of Council

The Antigua & Barbuda Medical Council is comprised of 7 members.

  1. Two (2) members appointed by the Medical Association
  2. One medical practitioner appointed by the Minister of Health
  3. The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Antigua & Barbuda
  4. Three (3) lay persons appointed by the Minister of Health

Members of the Council are appointed to serve for three (3) years, and are eligible for re-appointment by the Minister of Health at the end of their term of office.